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Win Over Fears In Life!

Fear is an unpleasant emotion which struck our mind in situations of danger, pain and harm. It is normal for people to fear things, but we should not burden ourselves with all kinds of fear. It’s high time to learn to fight back the things which not allow you to stay calm or in peace especially in times when you anticipate danger. We all fear situation, things, people around us, animals, and many more. This fear is the only emotion which completely defeats us and not allow us to do anything even if we want to.

If I say, that I personally feel that we fear those situations; which we do don’t want to happen. If a student is fearful about failing in an exam, ofcourse no student in their lifetime want this to happen. But the worst part is that their fear completely take control over their mind and they are not able to concentrate on studies, or exams further. Instead of their control over their mind, the feeling of fear now control their whole mind and body.

So how can we win over, some fears are like phobia, they cannot be completely treated if they are genetic problem. But to an extent you can reduce fear, if you fear objects. And if you’re afraid of situation, see firstly we don’t have control over the situations which take place in our life; only to some extent we are responsible for the events taking place. So we are the one who needs to accept change and mould ourselves according to different situations. There is nothing to be scared of any situation. If something has to happen then it will happen. We have no choice. If we are afraid of frequent changes which is taking place in our life at a fast pace, then we cannot stop the changes. So, the best thing is to accept it and move forward. Franklin D. Roosevelt had said, “Fear is the only thing to fear of.” And I’ll say today, “If you’ll think that it is impossible to overcome something, then it will never become possible.”


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