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Why Is It Necessary To Be True To Yourself?

We often lie, and decieve people around us. We sometimes try to fool everyone. What is all this and is this necessary? Sometimes life demands us strange situation and confusion leads us to speak lies and to hide things from others. It’s usual, and at some point in life everyone has experienced this quite closely.

So, nothing to hide in today’s blog, I am saying that we should be true to ourselves. Had this happened that you’ve ever lied to yourself or tried to hurt your own self. Some won’t agree to this, and some may answer yes, but I’ll be true to you all today. It happens at times when we want to comfort ourselves. We do lie to ourselves. But this is even true that we never start to believe on these things. Because deep Inside our body, before mind, brain, heart and all other organs is our soul. Even if we are really good at fooling people around, we can never fool our soul.

Mirror Always Speaks The Truth

Our soul that is our own self. We know that when we are wrong and when we are write. So we should be atleast true to ourselves. For your better understanding, suppose of we are not able to understand any new topics, in our studies. Then we should be true to ourselves and strong enough to understand that we need practice on that particular topic. We should not pretend that we are always right and that we are perfect and can never make mistakes. We tend to make mistakes and the best solution is to first accept yourself and the mistakes and with full determination and devotion help yourself. We should be true to ourselves means that we should look upon our own self; time and again. And we should never forget to correct ourselves when needed….At the end I would say, that these are my personal life experience which I have shared with you all today. I believe it had happened with everyone but maybe some are still on the way to implement the positive attitude and love towards their own self. In hope that people cannot stay faithful to everyone in all situations, but if you’re faithful to atleast yourself, then this is enough in long run.


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