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How Reminisce Acts As Beneficial And Injurious To Health?

Reminisce or recalling, thinking about an event which had occurred in the past. Or remembering a person, in other words nostalgic memories.


It depends on the type of situation which a person tends to remember. Suppose, If the particular event was related to an embarrassing moment. Recalling that moment will only disturb our mind, even though that moment had happened in the past. But still embarrassment leaves an imprint over our minds, which can never remain unfelt.But on the contrary, the time we remember was joyful and sweet, like a good time spent with friends and our family members. It is part of healthy thinking. The remembrance of such moments will always result in building a positive attitude and providing you strength.


Last but not the least, If we talk about our childhood memories of school. It is actually a mix of both unpleasant and joyful memories. Unpleasant memories teach us a lesson forever. While joyous memories encourage us to keep up the spirit of happy living and effortless smiling. Our past situations or moments are of different types, they may hit back to our mind again and again if we face the same type of situation again in life. Like if you are upset about something, for a time being you forget about it…but later if again any other moment upsets you, you recall from past all the moments that you were not expecting in your life to happen. It is not easy for people to accept things and move ahead in life. Some just pretend that they have already forgotten it. But deep inside their heart, everyone is aware of the fact that they will remember the wrong things, or the shocks and surprises they had to face without their desire. Life is not always the way we wish…It is pre-decided the things which have to happen. And the worst thing is we cannot stop ourselves from thinking. Therefore recalling is not always healthy. Sometimes it freshens the old wounds. Anyway the best method is to stay busy in your life. I won’t say by staying busy you don’t think, or run away from life…But always try to move on.



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