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My Life Learning You Must Learn From!

I am also one who don’t want to continue through rough life or painful times, well, who will wish to? Earlier in life when I faced situations which were not good, they were not happy moments, and I wanted to pause my life or time for a moment, to breathe in peace. Because, so many constant changes were taking place simultaneously, changes which I had never wished for, neither I desired them.

They were quite repulsive. Everyday I used to complain about why things are going wrong? Why all this has to happen, and why It’s only me? I believe everyone has once asked this question in their lifetime and felt the same. But the reason I am sharing my experience is because I learn that this was just my excuse to life. And I promised myself I will never repeat it. Yes, just mere excuses these were. I now believe, that I just wanted to live an easy life, in real, I just wanted to espace into my comfort zone. And life never demands you to stay in your comfort zone, discomfort is necessary for us to be responsive rather than becoming lazy.

You may question, not everyone is living a life in discomfort? And I will answer, that you are wrong. In today’s world no one is living a perfect life, they may show off that their life is quite perfect, but in reality perfect life can just start and will end in our dream world. We can imagine a luxurious, easy, tension free life in dreams, but in reality, it is really doubtful that everyone deserve it. “Because all we desire, is not what we need/require” What I want to make you all understand is that, try to adjust yourself with the different situations you face in life. Even If we don’t make an effort, anyways we’ll have to stay in that situation for time being. But atleast we should know that we should never complain about what events are taking place in our life. Because once we attain the habit of complaing, we are able to reach nowhere. Complains and excuses are same, we should never make excuses, that if my condition would have been good, then I could have done well. Because our condition will never improve, instead we have to learn to improve ourselves in every situation that takes place in our life. Remember, “If you cannot change things, try to accept them.”


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