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Mistakes Do Teach Us A Lot In Life

Yes, we do make mistakes. But once mistakes are made we do realise to correct ourselves. And while correcting ourselves we create a best version of us. More fine in the things which we were not able to complete. Mistakes leaves as imprint of guilt within us.

Mistakes Are Important

Mistakes and sin are often misunderstood by an individual. Sin is something greater than mistake. Sin cannot be forgiven but mistakes are easily forgiven.Since, mistakes are never done purposely. They tend to happen whenever we are trying out any new activity. It takes time to understand and adjust ourselves. And slowly and gradually we are able to gain perfection. But mistakes have always been a part of the path which leads human towards gaining perfection. Mistakes teaches us a lots of lessons in life, maybe which we can never learn or by heart it and which is from our within that realisation, that guilt is required. Mistakes is not only the one like in studies, doing some work wrongly and all that. Instead hurting someone’s feelings, back answering, fighting with someone all are mistakes; though we never accept them. We should easily accept the fact that if we have committed any mistake. Hiding mistakes are not the solution, rather learning from them is what we really have to do. We require to understand that as we are human and we make mistakes, even the mistakes can be severe one. But we should have the will to be prepared for the punishment.

Unless and until mistakes are not followed by any punishment it makes no change. Once I had made a mistake of back answering my father. I do remember that unpleasant memory, and it leaves me with regrets. The worst thing is that my father had not even punished me for my behaviour. But now I realise that this was his only punishment. That I still regret it till today. And can never think of doing this again… Mistakes teach us a lot of things, only we should be ready to look into them, and correct ourselves everytime. Remember the more we correct ourselves, then we can meet the more better version of ourselves.


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