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How To Inculcate Essence Of Spirituality?

“Atheist” are you aware about this new term prevailing these days. Have you heard about this? This is what today’s generation and some rare people in our country India do accept that they are atheist. It means a person who doesn’t believe in God. That’s why I said that people has lost spirituality.

Spiritual Life

Spirituality have different understandings. People find it different from different perspective. For me it is staying close to God, having a firm believe in him. Accepting whatever future and life he has decided for us. without complaining. Believing that in our afterlife if we will meet him and will have to show up, so we need to become a good human to present us in front of him. The more we stay close to God. The more peaceful our life becomes and the beautiful and enhanced our soul. People who are not religious maybe they don’t show but they are always mentally disturbed and distracted. Because they don’t seek god’s help for guiding them. Walking alone in the world without support of human is difficult, but without support of God is impossible. One more term spirituality relates to that is knowing ourselves. Our soul deep inside our body. To feel its presence there and to find our true purpose of life. We always tend to run around attractive things such as money, luxuries. This become our purpose of life and living. I feel bad for people who have this much limited dreams, these are simply mere dreams having a family, earning money. This will lead us nowhere. Neither it will increase our standard if we are rich. Because when God create someone that time the person is neither rich but only innocent. Can we keep that same innonce of child present within us till the time we die. Then how can we even think about dieing. Because we cannot go with all our misbehavior, mistakes. We need to improve ourselves at some point of life. We need to become a good human. Those people who remain close to God are always aware of the fact of becoming a good human being. And this means the most to them. Therefore I feel the need to inculcate essence and goodness of spirituality.


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