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Love Your Unique Self


You know the best person is? The one who is self obsessed! One example is me, I possess self love. Do you all? This is a silly question rather, well everyone love themselves, but we often end up comparing ourselves with others. And this is wrong. Obviously when we compare two things one seems more beautiful than the other one. But we have to look upon ourselves individually, then say, aren’t you beautiful?

You are a unique creation!

Teenagers and adults possess the feeling of complexion. It is natural for us to feel bad about some of our behaviour. Like if a person is possibly poise. If they have elegant manners, we feel bad that why don’t we behave beautiful and presentable when we meet people. So, when I talk about behaviour, then you can change your behaviour a bit. So, you must feel bad to inculcate good body language. But then things which you have to accept, and unfortunately you cannot change, like you skin tone, your teeth alignment, your body structure, figure etc. We should love ourselves the way we are. Looking good doesn’t mean that you’ll receive all pleasures in life. Looking beautiful doesn’t mean that everyone will fall for you. Different people has different perspective. We should not be judgemental, nor should we judge or compare others life, or their looks. Each person is different, and you need to know why? If we are not perfect like people around us expects us to become. “We should not try to become perfect to please others. Instead we should let them watch that how we deal with our imperfection.” Even the most perfect human, however there is no one as such on earth, but has to surely die, our body will be left here, and burn. But our soul will stay alive, our soul should be beautiful. We will take a different body in every life, so there is no reason to run behind beauty. Even if we are born beautiful, it doesn’t mean that we will stay beautiful for our whole life. At an old age all Beauty decays. We need to do good to others and our heart should be pure. Remember that great people and leaders are always remembered because of their good deeds.


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