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Are You An Escapist?

Escapist is a person who tends to run away from the worldly problems, who conceals themselves in the soft corner far away from reality. They don’t want to face the reality, and resides in their dreamworld, unaware about the fact, that dreams are temporary and one day they will have to wake up unwilling.

They are like a child, if someone evokes reality in them they won’t accept. We all want to run away from problems, but still we face it with courage, afterall everybody desires peace of mind. But what they feel is peace is actually not. Peace isn’t about having no problem in life, true peace is when we conquer the problems and that relief we get, that we did not run away and we could get over that tough time is actual peace.

We should not become an escapist, believe me that truly will give you no peace of mind. You’ll one day realize that hard realization, that you were only fooling yourself. So, face all challenges, only then you’ll understand what living feels like.


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