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Dual Effects Of Obsession

Obsession defines loosing control over feelings due to fondness over particular object. Sometimes this fondness can be harmful for the obssesed person as well as other people.

Obsession can sometimes turn into craze. Usually detected in relationships, when people totally lose their control over feelings and emotions for their loved ones. Breakups in relationships too drive a person mentally Ill, If they are highly obssesed. These breakups and uncontrollable fondness is often reasons for suicide and grave crimes. But these end up only creating an unsafe society, without any positive gain.

However on the contrary, If the Obsession is postive and inclined towards achieving a particular goal, then it can benifit a person in million tons, in fulfilling their dreams and goals. Positive Obsession is goal oriented, this type of craze can be seen in teenagers as well as adults, to invent something new or to grow new start-ups. And these types of Obsession has always proved positive with its outcome. Many successful people were determined, and obssesed to achieve since young age, and that’s what they made it today.

It totally depends on what type of Obsession we inculcate, towards our dreams or wasting your life in love relationships. What we want from our life and till where can we make it, It all starts from what we decide and how we train our mind.


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